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We’ve reached some really hard rock. I’m afraid it is almost impossible to get pass this with our conventional tools. If we bring any kind of explosives to this place right now we risk damaging the whole quarry and thousands of tons of stone and earth will fall upon us. The only solution is to answer the questions. That’s right, correct answers are the only things that we can use to break through this wall.

We’ve got some samples also: What great European civilization was the one that developed large scale mining methods? What was the primary cause for the silver crisis of 1465? In what century did mining in the Us become prevalent? Take your time. Answer correctly and let’s get past this thing once and for all.
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Experience the unpredictability of the mining industry.

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    Result: Company sued after acid rock drainage contaminates nearby town's water source unless you have put precautions in place.------------------------------------------Question 3: Company wants to lessen environmental impact...

Do you really know what mining is all about? Have you ever seen the mining process? If not, then take this quiz to test your knowledge and learn about the mining process and methods of extraction. Mining is a lengthy extraction...

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    What are the types of mining? (Check two)

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    What are the types of mining? (Check two)

Mining Questions & Answers

How is oil mined?
Oil is not exactly mined, it is extracted from the earth. Oil fields are located with the help of seismological experiments. Oil fields or wells are usually sections of shale rocks that have accumulated oil. These shale rocks are porous in nature and
What are the types of mining?
Strip miningunderground mining
What is the purpose of processing ore?
Processing of the Ore .The ore is ore+gangue mineral.The unwanted rock which have less vale or unwanted go to separated .