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The plane is going down. You don’t know if you can survive this and there is little going through your mind at the moment. You look out the window and you see the ground approaching fast. Instantly, everything goes dark. You wake up. Somehow you don’t even think about the miracle of you surviving. You just want to get out of the wreck. But out there are only questions. Unanswered questions and it is up to you to find the answers.

What are the island’s malevolent inhabitants known as? Who resolves the power struggle in season two between Jack and John? What was the name of the protector of the island? Get ready for some strange situations that only you will be able to solve through you correct answers.

Hello Losties! Welcome back to another a quiz for which was one of the best episodes of this season. It was nice to take a break from the dharma crew and to see Michael Emerson on top form! So, if you think you know 512 - Dead Is...

Questions: 9  |  Attempts: 2051   |  Last updated: Dec 31, 2012
  • Sample Question
    The numbers make a special guest appearance but where do they appear?

Think you know Lost? Think again.Quiz brought to you by lostfanz.com

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 2011   |  Last updated: Apr 17, 2017
  • Sample Question
    Flight 815 looses radio contact how many hours after take off?

So, you're a diehard Lost fan, huh? Prove it!

Questions: 20  |  Attempts: 1531   |  Last updated: Apr 17, 2017
  • Sample Question
    Which Egyptian goddess is depicted in the statue above Jacob’s lair?

Hello folks, we're back with another quiz for you to give a go. This week gave us loads of little details which we hope you've caught otherwise you might struggle! Enjoy this free quiz brought to you by lostfanz.com.Good luck and...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 1216   |  Last updated: Dec 20, 2012
  • Sample Question
    What year was the 'Life' magazine published which was seen in the episode?

Hello Lost fans and we are back with more questions, slightly later than usual but the nether the less just as hard as normal. This week we proove they are things more challenging than a killing a chicken and more challenging...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 846   |  Last updated: Dec 26, 2012
  • Sample Question
    Which of the below characters do not appear in He's Our You? You may select more than one answer.

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