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Let's see how much you already know about Japanese work culture vs. American work culture.

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    Individuality is important and vital in Japanese work culture.

Japan has an irresistible and diverse culture with traditions dating back thousands of years, with continually shifting fashions and technological development. This is what makes it such a fascinating country to...

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    What does Japan mean?

31 questions about Japan, the language, and the culture (including pop-culture) designed for Mr. Starr's first-year students.  A handful of questions are based on information given in...

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    Japanese combines 4 types of writing.  What kind of characters are these?  →   日本 

Japanese Culture Questions & Answers

How did the Lolita culture develop?
Lolita culture’s initial motive was a reaction against the strict norms that Japanese culture forced on people and the rebellion against traditional gender roles. It was an escape to childhood where everything was perfect and everything went th
What is the nationality of the current grand champion of sumo?
1. mongolia-sum () is also considered a martial art, and japan remains the only country where it is practiced professionally although sum wrestlers from other lands including hawaii, mongolia, russia and bulgaria have become very popular in japan and
Why is suicide so popular in Japan?
It is incredibly sad to realize that suicide in Japan is so widespread, especially among children. According to a report from 2015, “Suicide has become Japan’s leading cause of death in children aged 10-19”. Common causes for child
When did anime become such an integral part of Japanese culture?
Anime has been a part of Japanese culture since the early 1900’s but it really did not become an integral part until probably about the 1960’s. There was a period shortly before the end of World War II when anime was primarily used &ldquo