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Why American culture has become so vulgar recently?
One reason I believe American culture has become so vulgar is that people have realized that there are a few things that appeal to everyone: sex, violence, and intrigue. Some of the most popular video games, for example, have all three elements, thou
Why is halloween celebrated in America?
America is considered a melting pot of cultures, where many different cultures can come and be one. It makes sense that as others immigrated to America, so did their holidays. Halloween is traditionally thought to be derived from an old Celtic celebr
Why is racism so common in America?
Racism is not as commonly seen in America as it once was, but it is still common under the surface. One of the many reasons for this is because racism is something that is hard to completely snuff out when it was a big part of the history. In America
Why is United States sometimes referred as a "melting pot"?
The United States is sometimes referred to as a “melting pot” because of the way people have immigrated to America. For the longest time, everyone saw the USA as a place where they could have a fresh start and make their situation better.