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Japan Questions & Answers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Japan being an island nation?
There are numerous advantages to Japan being an island. Advantages: The island geography means that Japan was fairly isolated and developed a distinct culture. The threat of invasion was very less considering the fact that seas surrounding Japan
What was japnese emperor seen as in ancient japan?
Like many other royal family leaders, over time these leaders have lost power and have become more of a symbol of the country. However, back in ancient history, life was pretty much the same. The leader may have had a little more power than they do t
How was the emperor depicted in ancient Japan?
During ancient historical times, their government style was relatively the same. They usually had a leader or monarch who was born into power. This meant that they gained their leadership, not through their skills but because they were taken from ano
What Continent is Japan in?
Japan is one country but has several islands. We usually think of it as its two main islands. It is an Asian country but strictly speaking, it is not IN Asia, but beside it. Asia is its nearest continent, but it is not that far from Australia, either