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Beauty and harmony. These are probably the two main characteristics of Japan. It is a place where traditions are still followed today and yet they are mixed with many more elements of modern society. It is the place where the samurai where once the masters and yet that has changed and it is also the country that gave us companies like Nintendo or Sega. What was the period in which Japan was ruled by shoguns? What was the name by which Tokyo was referred to in the past?

What is the total number of prefectures that can be currently found in Japan? Japan has approximately how many islands? What is the total population of Japan now? Prepare your katana and slash through another one of our quizzes.

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  • Is pubic hair starting to appear?

  • In ancient Japan the emperor was seen as:
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  • The people of Japan call their country Nipphon which translates to:
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  • The Japanese borrowed the feudal system from China Which of the following shows how power was distributed in feudal Japan?
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  • How many years till you match the age your mum got her period?

  • How long have you had Vaginal Discharge (white sticky stuff )

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  •                                   According to legend, the Shinto Sun Goddess ______ was the Great-Grandmother of  Emperor Jimmu, the mythical founder of Japan and the Japanese Imperial family.
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  •                                 Dogū figurines date from the ________ period.
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  •                                             The largest Kofun tomb is has been attributed to be the tomb of ___________ .
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