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Bond. James Bond. By taking these quizzes you consent to our license to fill your brain with James Bond knowledge! Stroll along memory lane as we quiz you about this ageless British super-spy who has the ability to drink limitless martinis and sleep with any woman he so desires. Ready to live and let die? Show off your Bond expertise!

Over the years, Agent 007 has had a gigantic impact on popular culture. Martinis are ordered, "shaken, not stirred," people introduce themselves using their last names first, and Mike Myers stayed relevant for far longer than he should have. Can you name every actor who ever played Bond? How many Bond Girls named after horribly obvious sexual innuendoes can you name? Take our James Bond quizzes, you oddball. Just remember to handle your weapons well.

The James Bond franchise is probably older than you. That being said, the iconic character(being played by Daniel Craig now) has had some memorable moments along the way. The following quiz asks you some tough questions...

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    What make of pistol did James Bond prefer before M forced him to use his signature Walther in Dr. No?

James Bond is the superhero with no superhuman ability, he gets to save the world and also end the day with a beautiful lady on his side. Out of all the characters in the bond movies which one do you think has the same...

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  • Sample Question
                          "Do you play any other games Miss Trench?"Do you always carry enough cash and credit to get your mission completed.

Test your knowledge with 20 questions about the 007 movies.

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    “Never Say Never Again,” the 1983 Sean Connery movie that’s not part of the official Eon Productions series, was a remake of which classic Bond film?

Is this the name of a character from a James Bond film or book or the name of a porn star?

Questions: 86  |  Attempts: 248   |  Last updated: Feb 28, 2013
  • Sample Question
    Is this the name of a character from a James Bond film or book or the name of a porn star? Chu Mei

There have been 23 movies in the James Bond Series, can you put this movies in order of release? Only a true Bond fan would know this.

Questions: 23  |  Attempts: 150   |  Last updated: Oct 25, 2012
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    The first movie was released in 1962 starring Sean Connery, It was......

James Bond Questions & Answers

Which actor/actress did not appear as two different characters in the Bond series?
1. david hedison-charles gray portrayed bonds contact, henderson, in you only live twice and ernst stavro blofeld in diamonds are forever. maud adams appeared as andrea anders, and as octopussy in octopussy. joe don baker played the villian brad wh
What was the first song from a James Bond soundtrack to get nominated for a Grammy award?
C is the correct answer. The song Live and Let Die is the official soundtrack of the James Bond film in 1973. It is written by Linda and Paul McCartney and was performed by Wings. Although there are more James Bond film theme songs that were nominate