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    Hypnosis is a powerful tool for implementing change within a person’s life.

When a person is hypnotized, he is in a mental state best described as trance-like. The hypnotized person is in a totally focused state of mind and in a romance with his inner thoughts. Because personalities differ, the...

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    What is the use of hypnotism for therapeutic purposes called?

When a person is hypnotized, he's said to be in a state of human consciousness which involves focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness as well as an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. This test is to ascertain...

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    Do you love to daydream?

Test your knowledge about Hypnosis and find out some interesting facts

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    Which method is most often employed by modern psychiatrists who use hypnosis during therapy?

Hypnosis & Meditation

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    Which of the following statements about hynosis is not accurate.

Hypnosis Questions & Answers

Which of the following is a characteristic of being under hypnosis?
The best answer to this question is D, although there is information available to support and dispute all four answers. Hypnosis is said to tap into your subconscious state of mind, disconnecting your mind from your body and environment. While a per
Which of the following characteristics can indicate someone who is likely to be successfully hypnotized?
Ability to shut out distractions while readingAccording to the Mayo Clinic, someone who can become lost in a book, movie or piece of music may be a good candidate for hypnotism. In addition, if your sense of smell is closely linked to your memories,
In which area is there clinical evidence indicating the successful use of hypnosis with children?
Painful proceduresResearch indicates the use of hypnosis to help children endure painful medical procedures (e.g., shots, spinal taps, bone marrow collection) has a high success rate. Using hypnosis to treat asthma and sleep and swallowing issues has