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Hormones are biochemicals that are produced in our glands that dictate how our organs work. Hormones regulate a wide variety of our bodies’ daily activities, such as respiration, sleep, digestion, stress, mood, reproduction and metabolism. So are you an expert on these essential chemicals in our bodies? Take our hormone quizzes and find out! Which hormones are water soluble and which aren’t? What do endocrine glands do? What is the function of catecholamines? By what process to hormones typically exit their cell of origin? How is the rate of hormone biosynthesis and secretion regulated? What do the tropic hormones do? Do hormones occur in unicellular organisms? What are the most commonly prescribed hormones used as medications? What are the main distinctions between hormones and neurotransmitters? What are the main diseases dealt with by endocrinologists? If you’ve got the answers to these questions about hormones, then take our quizzes and learn more!

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    Which of the following pairs of hormones work to regulate the levels of glucose in the blood?

Hormones are in control of so much activity in the human body. Over the past week, we have covered so much when it comes to Hormone Control Systems. Hormones can be produced in the body or be introduced by some drugs. Take up the...

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These trivia questions have centered on Hormones, their functions, and types. Hormones are basically produced in the pituitary glands and then released to the bloodstream. They are of different types and are of importance to the...

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    Gland from which aldosterone comes?

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    A patient presents with signs of hypothyroidism. To investigate the matter, you measure the levels of T4 and TSH. If the patient suffers from iodine deficiency, you can expect the following results: 

A hormone is any member of a class of signaling molecules produced by glands to target distant organs to regulate physiology and behavior. If you are a student of biology or in any way interested in the study, this is the quiz...

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    Which of these signs suggests that a male client with the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (SIADH) secretion is experiencing complications?  

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Hormone Questions & Answers

Can hormonal deficiencies be reversed by giving hormones externally?
First let us talk about Hormone system... It is anetwork of glands that signals the organ to produce/secrete hormones."Hormones"are the body's chemical mediatorsthat flows through our blood stream totissues andcontrols most of our body's m
Do women have testosterone in their bodies?
Women do not have testosterone in their bodies because they do not have the right body parts to secrete testosterone. Instead, men are the only ones to secrete testosterone by their testes. The testes secrete testosterone in order to grow their male
What is the difference between Steroids and Hormones?
Just like fatty acids, soaps, prostaglandins, and sphingolipids, steroids are examples of non-glyceride lipids. Lipids are bio-molecules that can dissolve in nonpolar organic solvents. Fats and lipids are insoluble, but they still have their importan
What is the difference between Anterior Pituitary and Posterior Pituitary?
Anterior pituitary and posterior pituitary are two parts of the pituitary gland. They differ in terms of the total area covered by each of them. Also, another difference is seen in the area of the different cellular constitution of each of the two. A