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Georgia History Questions and Answers

  • What is the official state fish?
    Georgia history question from

  • Georgia is the nations number one producer of which three products.
    Georgia history question from

  • What is the State bird?
    Georgia history question from

  • Which list of items was made in the New England Colonies?
    Georgia history question from

  • Which of the following is something that was an industry of the Middle Colonies?
    Georgia history question from

  • Children in schools learned the three R's. What did the R's stand for?
    Georgia history question from

  • Name the Spanish explorer who crossed Georgia on an expedition to the west.
    Georgia history question from

  • At first, slavery and Liquor were not allowed in Georgia.
    Georgia history question from

  • Which Indian tribe was forced to leave Georgia on the Trail of Tears
    Georgia history question from

  • When did Georgia launch the first attack on South Ossetia?
    Georgia history question from

  • What is the capital of South Ossetia?
    Georgia history question from

  • When did the naval skirmish between Georgia and Russia occur?
    Georgia history question from

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