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When you hear the subject "Chemistry", do you feel you are in your "element"? When you read words like hydrocarbons, halogens, oxygen, or nitrogen, what comes to your mind? We have a mixture of quizzes on "functional groups".

If you’re familiar with the topic at its core, then you know it's related to organic chemistry. What are the common functional groups? Does the word "moiety" ring a bell? How is it related to our topic? Can you tell the difference between an Alkane, Alkene, and Alkyne? No, don't say the letters "a", "e", and "y". That kind of joke won't get you the "reaction" you're trying to “stir”.

So, how do you feel about this subject? Well... If you think there's some sort of "bond", then check out our quizzes and respond!
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Functional groups are specific Atoms within Molecules that are responsible for the Chemical Reaction of a particular compound. The same group undergoes the same Chemical Reaction, regardless of size. How much do you know about...

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We’ve talked in other quizzes about what functional groups are – if you can’t remember, they are substituents within molecules which are responsible for the chemical reactions of the molecules – but do...

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AS Level Chemistry

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  • Sample Question
     What functional group is this?

This will test if you know the functional groups required for medically biochemistry(at ferris pharmacy school)! It will show a functional group and you type the name of it below. Some are examples. Images are all taken from...

Questions: 19  |  Attempts: 461   |  Last updated: Jan 29, 2013

Type up the respective suffixes for the functional groups.(Note: not all of the functional groups have a suffix, so for those answers type in "none")

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