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After the Vice-President, the next in line for the Presidency upon the Presidents death or disability is:
The compromise they worked out established thePresident pro temporeof the Senate as next in line after the Vice President, followed by theSpeakerof the House of Representatives. In either case, these officers were to "act as President of the Uni
Who presides over the Senate when the Vice-President is absent according to the Constitution?
This might be a confusing question especially from someone who is not from the USA. You need to be familiar with your constitution because this will make answering this question easier. The one who will be in charge is letter B. In countries that fol
Which of these is not a responsibility of the Federal Reserve Board?
The Federal Reserve System began on December 23, 1913 because there were quite a few financial panics to stop financial crises. The Great Depression and the Great Recession caused the expansion of the duties of the Federal Reserve System. The Federal