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Identify the TCP/ IP Model type.

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    Where high level protocols such as SMTP and FTP operate

A MAC is a unique identifier allocated to a Network Interface Controller (NIC) for communications which are used as a network address. Whereas, Ethernet is a way of connecting two or more computers together in a local area...

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    Where does the MAC address originate?

By IMS Asia (

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    A 16-port switch running spanning-tree can have a maximum of how many root ports.

Ethernet Switch Configuration

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    When you access the switch's CLI with default configuration settings, by using the console port, you

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Ethernet Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Ethernet and T1?
Ethernet is a networking technology used to interconnect multiple digital devices such as computers in order to enable the transfer of information across them. T1 is a telecommunications technology used to carry information across long distances. T1
What is the difference between the internet and the ethernet?
Although the words sound similar, the internet and an ethernet are two completely different things. An ethernet is the physical wiring which allows access to the internet. It is a Local Area Network access. The main difference between the two, the in
Why are coaxial cables no longer used by the ethernet?
What may be active at one time will be likely replaced in the future as technology advances. Coaxial cable is a type of copper cable with a metal shield and other components engineered to block signal interference. The cable TV companies connect thei
Is Ethernet the most reliable way to create a LAN?
A Local Area Network - a LAN - is set up to allow communication between different computers and devices. They need to be connected if they want to talk to each other and access the internet. If you have a network adapter that's connected to a LAN, Wi
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