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How well do you know the EPA?

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    On average, how much water do we use to take a shower?

Section 608 of the Federal Clean Air Act requires persons who work with regulated refrigerants to become certified. Take this test to see whether you can be certified or not.

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    The size of the orifice in a capillary tube metering device is

EPA Section 608 Study Questions Pool Section: CORE Questions: 160

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    Refrigeration technicians who violate the Clean Air Act can:

How much do you know about the EPA and the protection of our environment? 

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    Which president created the EPA? 

Air Quality Index

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    On which day, and where, will the air quality be the worst? (Tick two boxes)

EPA Questions & Answers

What characteristic(s) of CFCs make them more likely to reach the stratosphere than most other compounds containing chlorine?
CFCs, or chlorofluorocarbons, contain refrigerants. This means the answer is answer A: refrigerants that contain chlorine but not hydrogen are so stable that they do not break down in the lower atmosphere after being released. The chlorine or bromine
What statement is true about an azeotropic refrigerant mixture?
It is a mixture that acts like a single-component refrigerant over its entire range.