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Do you really know what is the economy? Have you ever imagine how it works? The economic system refers to a process of production, allocating resources and focussing on the distribution of goods and services which comprises...

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     What are the limitations of a Free enterprise system?

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    Which of these is a key economic question face by countries?

In our economic system we have three main resources that are combined into goods and services. In this quiz we will test the users knowledge of the importance of scarcity of resoures in economics and how effectively the various...

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    In economics we have three main resources that are combined into goods and services, these are;

Nationalism is a political, social, and economic system characterized by promoting the interests of a particular nation with the purpose of gaining and preserving self-governance, over the the "group's" homeland....

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    When it comes to nationalism, what forms a national identity?

When it comes to the world of economics the most important thing to do is to meet the supply in the market while maximizing profits or income. Economic systems as we learned are the means through which governments distribute...

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    Which is NOT a basic question of an economic system according to the text?

Economic System Questions & Answers

What are the limitations of a free enterprise system?
A free enterprise system, or capitalism, has the specific downfall of uneven distribution of resources, consumer difficulty in obtaining information, and health-risk products. The main goal of the capitalist world is to allow anyone to get up to the
What does a centrally planned economy promote?
Profit will be for the publicsectornot individualor privet owners if it is exist
What is the main goal of a Mixed Economy?
1. To promote individual and social rights