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Calling all experts in Economics out there! Can you supply us with the great demand for knowledge? Challenge your knowledge and understanding of Economics with our entertaining quizzes that will bring out your inner Marx or Smith. Can you handle topics like the monetary policy, international economies, fiscal deficit, and inflation? Those are just for starters, by the way. We have a surplus of other quizzes to offer as well.

We hope you won't have a shortage of answers though! So, are you ready to prove your economic wisdom? We'll find out soon enough! Will it be an inflation of information or will there be a great deficit of it? Attempt our "Economy" quizzes to find out!

There are different things that affect the economy, as we know it. One thing that exists in almost every economy is debt; it is used as a source of capital for different investments. Take this ideal review quiz on economy...

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    The Council of Economic Advisers was established to give economic advice to Congress.

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     If interest payment is deducted from the fiscal deficit, then the balance is— 

The private sector is the part of a country's economic system that is run by individuals and companies. In a good business economy, the public sector should not suffocate private sectors. How well do you understand the...

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    The personal distribution of income describes the manner in which society's total personal income is divided among wages and salaries, corporate profits, proprietors' income, interest, and rents.

There are unlimited demands and not enough resources to meet these demands, is what leads to the economizing problem. Take this true and false review questions for McConnell and Brue 15th ed and see how much of the chapter...

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    The conflict between the scarce economic wants of society and its limited resources gives rise to the economizing problem.

Chapter 11 Economy

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    What was the condition of America’s economy following World War I?

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Economy Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Coach and Economy?
Flying on an airplane can be both enjoyable and relaxing or problematic and annoying. It depends on where you sit and who you sit next to. Most people who fly first class or business class, really have it made. They get to board the airplane first, a
What is the difference between Communism and Capitalism?
There are so many differences between communism and capitalism, which must be clearly understood. Communism and capitalism differ in their approach as regards both political and economic ideology or philosophy. Communism simply means a political phil
What type of economy do we have in the United States?
A mixed economy, because the government set regulations. So there is some government involvement
Which of the following typically occurs with the shift from subsistence to a cash economy?
In order to understand how to answer this question, it is important that you understand what a substinence economy is. This is a type of economy wherein people would rely on natural resources so that basic needs will be fulfilled. There are some par