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Here, take the wheel. It’s your turn to show us what skills you’ve got. They’re right on our tail and we have to lose them quickly. There are ways to hide, so many possibilities? What will you choose? Answer all of these questions quickly and choose the right path. Do you have what it takes to pass all of these obstacles? Our driving trivia will test you.

We have all types of questions in it. These are just some of them: What’s the name of the country where the first long distance road trip by automobile took place? When was the current formal of the European driver’s license adopted? Why has the driver’s license become the most commonplace method of identification in the United States? Drive between all the obstacles and reach the end of the road with maximum points.
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    During the day a vessel displays three black balls, what lights should she display at night ?

A-Class Driving School - Online driving quiz - Roundabouts Perhaps the most confusing hazard for the learner and experienced driver alike.  If you think they're easy, you're kidding yourself.  Make sure you...

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    When turning either right or left do you need to signal on approach?

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    During what times can't you operate a vehicle under a Special GDL learner's permit

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    According to Article 19-A, a motor carrier can hire a driver after the carrier has reviewed: I - an official abstract indicating the driver is properly licensed. II - an Article 19-A Physical showing the driver is qualified

Do you really think you have sound knowledge about road signs? If so, then take this quiz and show your talent. This quiz is all about driving and road signs. Good luck and have fun!

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    What does this sign mean?

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Driving Questions & Answers

How do you jump start a car?
Jump starting a car may seem like a task that you are unprepared for if you are inexperienced with handling basic mechanics and maintenance of a car. However, it can be a simple task when you learn how to do it. With most cars it is possible to give
What is the most important advice that you can give to new drivers?
When people turn 16 in America, they can get a driver’s license. Before that when they are 15 they can practice driving with a learner’s permit. Teenagers are usually ready to get their driver’s license but they need some practice.
Why is parallel parking so hard to learn?
Parallel parking is very difficult to learn while driving. When you parallel park you are trying to move your car into a space that is in front of another car or in back of it. Usually you see parallel parking on the sides of roads. These parking spa
What should I do if I accidentally run a red light?
Many people run red lights and some people do it on purpose whereas others do it on accident. Sometimes, I feel that it is OK to run a red light for couple reasons. First, if it is raining or the roads are slick, it is OK to run a red light if you&rs
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