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A-Class Driving School - Online driving quiz - Roundabouts Perhaps the most confusing hazard for the learner and experienced driver alike.  If you think they're easy, you're kidding yourself.  Make sure you...

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Do you really think you have sound knowledge about road signs? If so, then take this quiz and show your talent. This quiz is all about driving and road signs. Good luck and have fun!

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.Ticket Adjudication Quiz. The purpose of this quiz is to test your knowledge on commonly asked questions related to receiving and contesting tickets in Washington, DC. Rules regarding ticket adjudication can be found in DC...

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A Driving Permit test is an organized way delineated to judge a driver's ability to drive a vehicle. A driving license is mandatory and applicable to everyone. But before getting a driver's permit, one should have to...

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Do you practice good driving safety? Do you imagine you can conquer this quiz? Safe driving entails that you obey the rules of the road. You must be mindful of the speed limit, but keep up with the flow of traffic. It would be...

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Are you a good driver? Do you suppose you could pass this test regarding passing and turning? Passing is illegal and unsafe when your line of sight is restricted or limited by a curve, hill, or weather conditions. Turning is...

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There are different modes of transport that people use to move from one place to another and the most common is walking. People access to roads is something which motorists should have and this is made possible by zebra crossings...

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Introduction The information provided in the following training contains essential elements on the Policy & Procedure Concerning Criminal Records & Background Checks on Employees as well as Policy & Procedure on...

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Principles of Dungarvin's Defensive Driving Training. Demonstrate the ability to operate a motor vehicle in accordance with the training Identify and report concerns in compliance with Dungarvin Police  

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Driver Training or Driver's education is a formal class organized for people who are preparing to obtain learner's permit or drivers license. This program is organized for adults who are willing to drive vehicles on the...

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Please take this 5 question examination. It will reveal if you know your driving rules in Minnesota or not.

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Other than competence, do you know all the things you need to before driving in BC? The quiz below will test your knowledge on driving in BC. All the best as you take up the challenge and enjoy.

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Before you get behind the wheel, it’s customary to know what to expect before you get caught in a bad situation. Take this quiz to see if you have what it takes to get in the driver’s seat.

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In Washington State, there are a number of different requirements and subsequent responsibilities that come with applying for and using a driver’s permit. How much can you tell us about it? Let’s find out today.

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There are things or people that really drive us nuts. It really annoys us very well that we tend to have a hard time dealing with it. Would you like to know who drives you nuts? Find out and take this quiz.

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Do you have enough knowledge to pass drivings test in Minnesota ? Or, you simply need more time to study and practice? 

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This training is for anyone driving a company owned vehicle while working with Kiewit Building Group.

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Do You Know Everything About Driving A Car?

Question:   |  Attempts: 493   |  Last updated: Apr 17, 2015

This quiz is a mix of my "favorite" questions from studying for my Chinese Driver's License.These are the most poorly translated, impossible to figure out, insanely obvious, or ones with entertaining answers options...

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