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Which of the following does not refer to the process of adding written information to a health care record?
The correct answer to this question is C, Data entry. Adding information to a person's health care record is very important. It keeps every informed and up to date on what has been done, and it is for the patient's safety to ensure things like overdo
What is the dare format of documentation?
The DARE format is known to be something that nurses refer to when they want to do proper documentation of effects regarding their patients. There are certain things that will be discussed such as the date and time when the patient was admitted or wh
What is the difference between Traditional and Problem Oriented medical Record charting?
The answer here for this question would be the first option and that is that the traditional way of medical record charting has an abbreviated story where the problem oriented version of charting shows everything done in an outline form. The traditio
Which of the following are considered examples of record keeping forms?
1. Kardex or Rand2. Nursing Care Plan3. Incident Reports4. 24-hour patient care and acuity charting5. Discharge summaryPages 145-149