Cyber Citizenship Quizzes & Trivia

It is a quiz teaching people about cyber safety and how to be safe online. It is about teaching people who are just starting to use the internet how to be a good cyber citizen.

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    What is a Cyber Citizen?

To assess understanding of cyber citizenship; relationships and perceptions online, society and media influence on personal safety, rights and responsibilities of users of digital technologies.

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    When giving advice to a friend who wants to enter their personal details in an online competition, you suggest:

A short test to see if you are really ready for your digital licence.

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     Who do you think a ‘cyber citizen’ is?

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    Someone spams you. What do you do?

This quiz will help you to be a better cyber citizen.

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    My friend on facebook asks for my password should I give it to her.

Cyber Citizenship Questions & Answers

What is cyber bulling is bulling in cyber space?
From a child, preteen or teen to a child preteen or teen.Cyber bulling is from someone 18 or younger to someone else 18 or younger. If there is bulling online between older people then it is harassment.
What do you do? You and your friend, let's call him Bob, really want to see this awesome movie, but you can't get to a cinema to see it and it costs heaps of money to go. Bob finds a website...
You know that it is illegal to download movies off the internet and you tell bob to wait and get the dvd out in a few months.-there is a reason why we have to pay lots of money when we go to the movies or buy a dvd. it is because when a movie is made
A person can copyright their work be it a video, song or picture. Thismeans that anyone can use it, true or false?
FalseHaving copyright means that it cannot be stolen or used by anyone else, without permission from the artist. An example of this is downloading a song from the internet from free.
A younger child/sibling can access to the internet at any time, thats good right?
No-young children have very little understanding of being safe on the internet. they could share your personal information with strangers and/or be victims of scam. sometimes children can get immature and search unpleasant things on the internet, or