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Criminal Justice System Questions and Answers

  • Crime prevention was developed from the writings of a group of criminologists, this became known as:
    Criminal justice system question from

  • Which sociologist based their idea on the notion that: People will commit offences when the cost of offending are less that the benefits of offending
    Criminal justice system question from

  • Architectural design that makes it more difficult to commit crime.  This is the key term for:
    Criminal justice system question from

  • it is a general pardon extended to a group or classes of person and is exercised by the chief executive with the concurrence of congress. It is usually given to political offenders. Its purpose is to bring about the return of dissidents and recalcitrant members of our population to their homes and resumption of their lawful pursuit.
    Criminal justice system question from

  • . It is the taking of a person into custody so that he may be bound to aswer for the commission of a n offence
    Criminal justice system question from

  • . It is the security given for the release of a person in custody of the law, furnished by him or bound s man , conditioned upon his . appearance . before any court as required under the condition
    Criminal justice system question from

  • The first three articles of the Constitution establish:
    Criminal justice system question from

  • The Quartering Act
    Criminal justice system question from

  • The Articles of Confederation were found to be inadequate as the foundation for an effective government because they:
    Criminal justice system question from

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