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Violence is the pre-conceived and voluntary use of power to overcome or threaten another person or a group of people. This encompasses all sorts of violence: homicides, fights, riots, etc. Did you know that in the U.S. alone, an average of sixteen young-aged people are brutally murdered daily?
Are you informed about the fact that the world spends just a dollar for around every 2000 dollars that the U.S. spends on military budgeting? Did you know that a staggering 42% decrease has been observed in both physical and verbal violence as a result of Life Skills Training in the U.S.? Challenge yourself on the malignant practices of violence and how it harms the society at large by taking our enticing quizzes.

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    What is horizontal hostility?

Take this short quiz (only 15 questions) to see how much you know about domestic violence and its statistics. By participating you're helping raise awareness about domestic violence while helping your tribute in the Alpha...

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    Verbal Abuse is not a form of domestic violence.

Domestic violence quiz

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    What ages are most vulnerable for intimate violence for females?

Use this website to answer the following questions.

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    In what two cities is gang violence decreasing ?

You can access the Safety and Violence Prevention course reading materials here: will need your ODE TEACHING LICENSE NUMBER to complete this exam.You are to PRINT OUT YOUR RESULTS PAGE and turn a...

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    Most people who attempt suicide are just looking for attention.

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Violence Questions & Answers

True or False:Domestic violence is against the law
Assault is against the law, so therefore Domestic violence is against the law. If someone reports being hurt by an abuser, the abuser can be prosecuted. Most of the time women or men fail to follow through with charges. It is illegal to harm someone.
People who are being abused.
People being abused feel they ARE at fault, e.g. "he is having a bad day, and it's my fault that I am not more considerate of his feelings". They feel INsecure and feel they cannot escape. They often hope or believe the violence won't happe
What is the difference between Militant and Terrorist?
There is a little difference between a militant and a terrorist. Both also have some similarities, because they tend to use violence to achieve their needs. Militancy and terrorism are two international problems facing the world today. There are so m