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Child abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse. These terms all conjure up concrete pictures for us. And all of these terms relate to the legal term abuse. Seems straight forward, right? Think again, as these quizzes will alter your perception of the legal term abuse.
Picture the boss who places his hand on an employee’s shoulder. Is this abuse? Actually, it is possible. Maybe the employee did not want to be touched and feels this is hinting at a sexual encounter. Therefore, it fits within the parameters of the legal definition of abuse. Even following someone is an abuse - if there is intent to do harm. Watch what you say- and-do as you wrestle with these quizzes on the legal definition of abuse. 
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ELDER ABUSE AND NEGLECT QUIZPlease enter your full first AND last name

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    Elderly people with dementia who are living with the caregiver are at a higher risk of abuse than the general population of people over 65.

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Child abuse is common in the world today and a lot has been done concerning it. However, are you aware that there is elder abuse? If you didn't, now you do. The quiz below tests your knowledge on elder abuse.

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    Which of the following is frequently a characteristic of a potential perpetrator or abuser?

The following quiz is to test your knowledge on hazing.

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    Students are more likely to be hazed if they knew an adult who was hazed

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    _______________ cases of elder abuse are reported


Abuse Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Abuse and Discipline?
At some point or another, all parents need to discipline their children by grounding them or making them go to bed early, or the occasional time out in the corner. However, discipline will sometimes cross the line into being abusive if the child is p
Which of the following are examples on neglect? If neglect is defined as the failure to provide needed care.
1. Over or under medicating2. Leaving an older person alone for long periods of time3. Failure to provide adequate food or clothingHitting, slapping, kicking or punching is abuse, not neglect.
Does being the victim of identity theft stop debt collectors?
Yes, only if you can prove you are a victim of identity theft-send a letter to the collection agency, telling them that you do not owe the money. include copies of documents that support your position. including a copy (not original) of a police repo