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  • Which is not true about computer viruses?1. They are designed to spread.2. If you are running virus protection software, you don't need to worry about getting a virus.3. Your...
    Which is not true about computer viruses?1. They are designed to spread.2. If you are running virus protection software, you don't need to worry about getting a virus.3. Your...
    The answer to this is B. This is actually one common misconception that people think. They feel that when they have an anti-virus software, their computers will already be protected. This is not true at all. The anti-virus software can only do so much. If you allow some viruses to enter your computer unknowingly, your anti-virus cannot do anything about it anymore. In the beginning, nothing may seem amiss. The virus will just become more aggressive the longer that it stays in your computer. The time may come when your computer cannot be used anymore because the virus has eaten through your hardware. Different viruses have different purposes so you need to stay away from dangerous sites that may cause harm to your computer.

  • What software can be used against viruses and how does it function?
    What software can be used against viruses and how does it function?
    There are many different antivirus softwares out there. One is Norton. This is probably the most well-known within the United States of America. Another is the Windows Defender, part of Windows 10. This one works well. While there are plenty of others that could be named, they all work in the same way. So, instead of naming more, I’ll talk about how an antivirus software works. The first thing that an antivirus software does is run periodic checks on your computer. It’ll learn what’s normal and what’s not for your specific device it runs on. If there is something out of the ordinary, or if you’ve opened an attachment since the last check. It’ll point out a virus, and most will correct the issue without you having to lift a finger. If it’s a large issue that the system cannot fix by itself, it’ll give you some steps to help.

  • What is a virus?
    What is a virus?
    It is a program that meets three essential characteristics. harmful, surreptitious, self-reproducing

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