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Well, in today's era, everyone is aware of using computers and laptops.  But how much do you know about the hardware parts of the computer? Take this quiz to test and increase your knowledge about basic hardware parts...

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    The main part or brains of the computer that processes instructions, performs calculations and manages the flow of information through a computer system.

What makes a computer complete? Study on parts of a computer is one of the initial courses that we undertake in a computer class. The quiz below will test and teach you on the parts of a computer.

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        Only you can hear when using these:

This quiz will test your knowledge of the study packet and computer parts passed around class. It is all multiple choice, read each question and answer carefully.

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    What are the types of monitors we can use with computers?

Basic quiz over the parts of the computer and what they do.

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    Does this part input or output information for a computer?

Before you learn how to use a computer the one thing you need to know are the parts that make up that computer. In the second grade computer class this week we got to cover some of this. Do you believe you can now identify the...

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