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There are some people who dread looking at their clocks because it may show that so much time has passed or the minutes barely ticked by. When you are having a lot of fun, you wish that time could go slower so that you can do more and enjoy more. When you are bored, or you do not like the place that you are in, you would feel every minute that will pass you by. You know that time is highly important, but you need to know more details about the clock in general.

How fast would it be for you to decipher what time it is when you are looking at a digital clock with military time? Will you have the ability to determine the right time even when you are in a different country? You may also want to know why you can let your body work up at a certain time. These are details that you will know when you take a right online quizzes.

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is the correct 24-hour clock expression of 2.15p.m.? 

5 questions for Clock problems

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    Find the number of degrees between the hands of a clock at 4:08

Testing your ability to use the Clock in and Clock out functionality w/in LM.

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    How many ways are there to manually clock an employee in?

Can you tell which of these celebrities is younger?  Sometimes, even their plastic surgeons can't tell.

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    Charlie Sheen or Kiefer Sutherland... Which of these former "Young Guns" is the youngest?

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  • Sample Question
    Do you use a regular alarm clock or a phone alarm?

Clock Questions & Answers

What are evening hours?
I believe these are the correct answers: 0024 00 24 00.24 00:24 Because 1224 is in pm. See:
09 06 h ___________
09.06 a.m. 9.06 a.m. 9.06 am. 9.06 a.m 09.06 am. 9.06 am
How many ways are there to manually clock an employee in?
1. 2 (CICO Kiosk/ Clock In Clock Out )