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Civilization Questions & Answers

How was Lower Egypt distinct from Upper Egypt geographically?
What is meant by meant by "triangular shaped delta" in the question/answer?
Which statement shows how the Sumerian religion and government were connected?
Initially the central symbol of religion, the main temple, was also considered the main residence of the government as well as the center of economic life. The Sumerian royalty was under the priesthood and had to answer to them. Later on, the kings w
Did the Ancient Egyptians use this to write on?
The ancient egyptians used papyrus to write on because they were smart.
Can you complete the following sentence? The Aztecs used chinampas, which are (1), to grow (2) vegetables. (3) smart people because that great idea helped them to use the area out (4) on the lake...
The correct answer to this question is C. Chinampas are Mesoamerican agriculture which needed tiny rectangular areas of land in order to grow crops near the lake in Mexico. The Aztecs used chinampas, which are floating gardens, to grow their vegetabl