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Everyone has chromosomes in their body; they are vital to our existence and contain the DNA which makes us who we are. Do you know about chromosomes, and what they provide in our bodies? If you try one of our specifically created chromosome quizzes you can find out how much knowledge you have on the subject.

Do you know which species contain plasmids or what chromatin is? Do you know who Walter Sutton and Theodore Boveri are and what they have to do with the knowledge we have of chromosomes today? If you’re interested in science, and the human body, then you’ve probably read a lot about chromosomes. If you want to test your memory then take one of chromosome quizzes.

Quiz on content from Lecture One of Genetics module.

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    Name the Scientist that isolated nuclein (now nucleic acid) from human pus.

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    The cells in your eyeball's are examples of  somatic cell's.

The Y chromosome is known as 1 of the two sex chromosomes found in mammals. It is also known as the sex-determining chromosome in most species. In other words, its presence or absence that determines the male/female sex of...

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    How many base pairs can be found in the human Y chromosome?

Mccabe lecture on chromosomes and recombination

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    Indications for ordering a chromosome analysis include:

In the study of biology, the chromosome theory of inheritance (often referred to as the Sutton-Boveri theory) explains how chromosomes are the carriers of genetic material that we receive from our respective parent cells. What do...

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    In genetics a "wild" type is

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Chromosome Questions & Answers

How many chromosomes are there in an unfertilized egg cell?
(B) 23 An unfertilized egg, or ovum, contains 23 chromosomes, which are paired with the 23 chromosomes from a sperm during fertilization. These chromosomes are paired up to determine the unborn child’s physical characteristics, including gende
How many chromosomes are there in a sperm cell?
(C) 23 A sperm cell contains 23 chromosomes, which is the same number of chromosomes contained in an egg, or ovum. When the sperm and egg combine during fertilization, they create what is called a zygote or, in layman’s terms, a fertilized egg
Which of the following statements is true about the sex chromosome code for a male offspring?
For a human male offspring, the correct answer is that the offspring must have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. Other species don’t necessarily follow this model, but there is always a way to tell which chromosomes code for male and which