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Are your memory banks full to the brim with knowledge about Bulgaria? Have you put the hours in learning as much as you can about the country trying to find out as much as you can before taking our trivia quiz on the Eastern European country? Do you know what the motto of Bulgaria is? In which city would you travel to if you wanted to see the Bulgarian National Assembly? Which Bulgarian tennis player knocked the reigning men’s champion out of Wimbledon this year?

Which Bulgarian choir was nominated for a Grammy award in 1990? Our quizzes aren’t easy but they’re great fun to take and you’re bound to find out something you didn’t know before. So if those kind of questions have you full of confidence then we bet you can’t wait to take the real quizzes just so you can show everyone how clever you really are.
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    Bulgarians nod their heads to indicate "yes", and they shake their heads to indicate "no".

Bulgaria is a very interesting country that covers the black sea coastline and has a very captivating history. Did you know that the oldest gold treasure in the world was found in Bulgaria? The quiz below is designed to see...

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    Which empire dominated Bulgaria for 500 years?

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    Which is the Christianity Feast we celebrate on 6 January?

Please answer the questions by selecting one correct answer for each question.

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    Where is Bulgaria situated?

We have some very important questions for you...

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    Who's the best accountant in the Thames Vally?


Bulgaria Questions & Answers

What is the reason for such high corruption rates in Bulgaria?
The corruption level in Bulgaria is greatly alarming. Corruption can be named as one of the things militating against the development of the country. Almost every sector and institution is corruption, both the private and the public. The Political pa
Why is population in Bulgaria on a decline?
The problem with the population in Bulgaria is that the people of working age are rushing to emigrate to richer European countries, leaving the elderly behind, who of course are not contributing to the economy. This makes the country poorer and there
Which places in Sofia should I visit?
If you are planning on visiting Bulgaria and you don't have any plan to visit Sofia, you might need to reconsider your trip, or you have been to Bulgaria but you didn't have the chance to visit Sofia, you would still need to go for another trip, all
Should I date a Bulgarian woman?
Dating a Bulgarian woman is a process but knowing the task embedded in it will make it a very smooth process for you. Bulgarian women are really beautiful, smart, bold and ready to cooperate with their men. Dating a Bulgarian woman requires a lot of
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