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Building Technology is an imperative element of modern architecture. The term refers to the technical processes and assembly methods employed to establish buildings. From drawing construction details to identifying documentary conflicts, having a sound understanding of building technology is vital for high quality, durable construction.

Do you think you are well acquainted with insulating concrete forms? Or have any knowledge of architectural lighting designs? Can you make a guess on the type of windows best suited for glass curtain walls? Well if you can, then get ready to prove your claims by testing yourself at our informative building technology quizzes. Get ready to be challenged by daunting questions, mathematical problems, mind-boggling problem solvers and much more! 

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  • Sample Question
    Identify the board foot of a 2”x2”x10’ (150)?

In construction, Building technology is a very important process of adding shape and support to a building. What do you know about these technology? Let's see you now by taking this quiz!

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  • Sample Question
    ____________ are the tools that use power delivered by man only

Knowing how to conduct yourself in the workplace is a huge step towards building an appropriate and lucrative working environment. The way you handle your work relationships can have a big impact on the quality of work being done.

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  • Sample Question
    In glass curtain wall common type of window used.

Building Materials

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  • Sample Question
    Which paint is best use for concrete wall?

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  • Sample Question
    The horizontal distance from the face of a lock or latch to the center of the knob is called a backset.

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