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A comprehensive database of more than 14 boston quizzes online, test your knowledge with boston quiz questions. Our online boston trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top boston quizzes.

We have more than a feeling that you might just adore our tremendous quizzes about Boston. There’s so much happening in this wonderful city that it’s been so easy to come up with plenty of testing but entertaining and informative questions about the city.

Could you tell us which state you’d be in if paying a visit to Boston? Which sport would you be watching if attending a Boston Bruins match? What name did the TD Garden originally have? In which city was Boston founded?

If questions like those leave you with a great big smile on your face then you’re going to really enjoy taking our quizzes all about the Athens of America. In fact you might be so pleased with your results you might hold a tea party. With its wide range of museums, sporting events and illustrious history there’s so much we can ask you about the Cradle of Modern America.  

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