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Massachusetts Questions and Answers

  • Three Speeding Violation (reasonable findings within any one year time period) 
    Massachusetts question from

  • Five Surcharge Events 
    Massachusetts question from

  • Seven Surcharge Events
    Massachusetts question from

  • When did North Parish break away from Reading and become North Reading?

  • The original Alice M. Barrows School opened in 1964. Who was Alice M. Barrows?

  • Which of these is NOT the name of a North Reading elementary school?

  • The state of Massachusetts is located in which region?
    Massachusetts question from

  • What is the capital of Massachusetts?
    Massachusetts question from

  • Which city in Massachusetts built the first subway system in the United States in 1897?
    Massachusetts question from

  • The Puritans left England because ________.
    Massachusetts question from

  • Who brought the second group of Puritans to the massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 and served as governor over a twenty year period?
    Massachusetts question from

  • A town meeting was where____________.
    Massachusetts question from

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