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If you are starting your lessons on programming, one of the things that you need to understand is binary code. By doing this, you are well on your way to understanding the different programming theories and languages. How good...

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This quiz is intended to test you on your knowledge of rounded binary form, based on the content from Clarion's PODs Projects.

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    What is the difference between binary and rounded binary?

Quick questions about Binary!

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    —How many digits are used in the binary system?

This quiz will test your basic understanding of binary code to see if you are ready to move forward.

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    What is your Academy?

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Binary Questions & Answers

Is a 16 bit computer is faster than a 32 bit computer?
FalseA 32 bit computer is faster because a 32-bit computer can process 32-bit numbers in one operation, while a 16-bit computer must break 32-bit numbers down into smaller pieces, making it slower.