Character Education For K-2 Students

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This quiz is designed for k-2 students. It goes through different characters education topics such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring, and fairness.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    If you were a caring person, you would
    • A. 

      Take a toy from someone you didn't like.

    • B. 

      Help someone when they fell.

    • C. 

      Cut in front of someone in line.

  • 2. 
    I am a trustworthy person is I
    • A. 

      Look off my neighbors paper during a test.

    • B. 

      Take two prizes from the prize box instead of one.

    • C. 

      Tell the truth even when I don't want to.

  • 3. 
    When someone does something nice or gives you something you should say _____________________________.
  • 4. 
    Tell how you can be respectful at school.
  • 5. 
    List three examples of being responsible.
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