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UFO Questions and Answers

  • What year did a UFO crash on earth?
    UFO question from

  • What causes crop circles?
    UFO question from

  • Why did Paul Hellyer of Canada get annoyed with the U.S.?
    UFO question from

  •  What is the earliest record that related to unusual aerial phenomena in the world?    
    UFO question from

  • People who have claimed to have been abducted by aliens say that they come back to Earth more fulfilled and at peace.    
    UFO question from

  • It has been suggested by a few fringe authors that all or most of human technology and culture is based on extraterrestrial contact.
    UFO question from

  • The infamous "Roswell" UFO crash happened in what year?
    UFO question from

  • The hand-drawn star map pictured below is part of the body of evidence for what famous UFO case?                 
    UFO question from

  • How many UFO reports investigated by MUFON have been determined to be sightings of extraterrestrial craft? 
    UFO question from

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