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oStorytelling is an art. Crafting a great story and sharing it effectively can have an effect on generations of people. From Shakespeare to Dickens, from Steinbeck to Fitzgerald, history has brought us some talented storytellers. If you want to learn more about great stories and tall tales, check out our story quizzes!

What is the name of the fairy queen in A Midsummer Night’s
Dream? What is seen on the billboard Gatsby often drives by in The Great Gatsby? What is the name of the mountain into which Frodo must throw the ring in The Lord of the Rings? Who is Luke’s sister in the Star Wars films? What was Walt Disney’s favorite movie of all his studio’s films?

What is the name of the injured novelist in Stephen King’s Misery? What is the name of Bob Cratchit’s little boy in A Christmas Carol? Where does The Grapes of Wrath take place? How many Academy Awards has Martin Scorsese won? If you’re in the know on these stories, storytellers and more, take our story quizzes!

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  • The end of the conflict. 
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  • The beginning of the story providing setting and background information.
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  • All of the events leading up to the climax. 
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  • A plain, shy but dignified governess falls in love with the much older master of the estate where she is employed.  Can the two be married, or will Victorian law, and her own sense of pride, leave her alone and longing forever?    
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  • The  young daughter of a prominent and highly-principled small-town lawyer watches her father make an unpopular choice: to defend an innocent black man who has been accused of rape.  Will justice be served, or will she have to endure her father’s public desecration?    
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  • A young man justifies the murder of a cold-hearted landlady, but has trouble coping with the guilt.  Can he live with his crime, or will the crafty police detective eventually trick him into confession?    
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  • This picture is important to the story because

  • This picture represents where (read the store signs carefully)

  • What did they call the short movies that cowboys were in?