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  • An abstract is...

  • The public Internet is a great place to find...

  • True or False, If my professor says I can't use the Internet for my paper, that means I can't use the information on the library's website.

  • Resources that will always be available.
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  • Resources that can be replaced.
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  • Managing resources to be used wisely.
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  • Jo Marchant wrote a book called  Decoding the heavens. It was published in 2009 by Da Capo Press. If you cited this book, what would you list first?
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  • When should you use the abbreviation et al.?
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  • Select the publisher in the following citation: Kluth, Fred._Cars of 1998_Miami: The Auto Press, 1999.
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  • What is a 'primary source'?

  • Identify the type of source shown below.Chinese ceramic dated 14th to 19th Century, found in Singapore

  • Which of the following can be categorized as 'pictorial records'? Choose more than one answer.