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Can you imagine what life would be like with no sky? You wake up to darkness, go outside and see nothing...or worse! You wake up to the boiling heat and you walk outside and become a roasted chicken! Good thing is we have our atmospheric roof, right? But just because we have it, doesn't mean we know it! Or do we? How much do you know about the skies above you?

Can you answer questions about the stratosphere, mesosphere and the other zones in the atmosphere? Can you tell why the sky is blue (except for at dawn and dusk...or when blood was spilled in the night). Do you know what stops the air from floating off into space? Attempt our quizzes today and fill your belly with the abundant knowledge about the blue sky. 

"They Poured Fire On Us From the Sky"

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    What does the Dinka tribe do to show they are different from other tribes?

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    What is the sun ?

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    What was tangled up in the seaweed?

The novel a Banner in the Sky is a true-life story of Rudi as he tries to climb the Citadel that led to him missing on the chance of growing up with his biological father. If you have ready it you for sure remember...

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    When does the book take place?

Thanks for your time and energy in the H1 Uncovered workshop. This quick quiz is a chance for you to test your knowledge and for us to gauge how effective the workshop was. Score 12 or more out of 18 to pass!

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    Which of the following networks exist in H1? Select one.

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Sky Questions & Answers

Why is the sky blue?
The sky is blue because out of different colors that come from the sunlight, it has the shortest wave since light energy also travels in a wave. The light coming from the sun looks like a white color but it actually contains different seven colors i.