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America is the land of rules (and traditions). Keeping that in mind, a regulation is a system of rules, put in place to make sure that bad things do not happen. Didn’t anyone tell our government that? Oh dear! Anyway, since you’re probably living in America (or wish you where!), we have quizzes for you which will test all you know (or think you do) about the laws and regulations that make up the foundations of the US.
Here you are going to find everything you need to know about those rules and regulations from pill-stuffing in professional sports to the regulations on public fornication. Take our quizzes to find out more on the rules that are not set in stone , yet for the most part, but the ones we ought to respect. 

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    A license that willfully violates the Insurance code is subject to:  


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Dangerous Goods Regulations are put in place to ensure the safety of people that use them. These regulations cover the use and handling of chemicals and specific weapons. Being that safety is an important thing to all of us, what...

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    Where can a passenger find information regarding Dangerous Goods?

Each question below contains five suggested responses. Please choose by clicking the one best response to each question.TOPICS:  Regulation of Transcription in Prokaryote The QUIZ is for the SERIOUS STUDENTS only

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    A group of linked genes whose expression is coordinately regulated.

The regulation of gene expression--especially the lac operon of E. coli.

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    The cluster of genes important in lactose metabolism in E. coli, along with the controlling DNA elements for these genes are known by the very brief acronym:

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