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  • When you click on YES you are testifying that you have READ the stated policies and attachments and presentations listed below; that you UNDERSTAND them; and that as a NYS/OMH/RPC EMPLOYEE you are RESPONSIBLE for the information.  You will also be recorded as completing this training. Please NOTE: If you click on NO you will NOT be RECORDED as completing this assignment. PC124A - Special Events Involving Food and Beverages (2 pages)ATTACHMENT - SPECIAL EVENT PLANNING FORM (2 pages)ATTACHMENT - PICNIC REQUEST FORM (1 page)PC124B - Choking Meal Time Safety (4 pages)ATTACHMENT - RPC448 MED CHOKING/ASPIRATION SCREENING (2 pages)ATTACHMENT - MEAL TIME SAFETY REMINDE (1 page)5 SECOND RULE PRESENTATION (35 slides)FOOD SAFETY MATERIALS PRESENTATION (20 slides) Thank you.