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Whether it is one of Oscar Wilde’s famous witty quotes, a sexy quote from Marilyn Monroe, or a cheesy quote about love, quotes are fun and can act as a source of inspiration. From love to science to humor, quotes are filled with knowledge and wisdom. They can entertain us, as well as teach us important life lessons.
Quotes originate in a variety of places, like movies, books, and even speeches. Do you think you know your quotes well enough? Do you know who some of the most quoted people are? Hint: I’ve mentioned some of them already. Do you know the source of famous quotes? Try this one: “ Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” If you know who said this, then you will rock at these quizzes!

Test your knowledge on this Love Quotes Quiz. Take this quiz & find out how much know about love quotes

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Quotes are seen as a way to tell a story about a situation or circumstance minus the long writings. Do you believe that our personality can give us quotes that speak more to who you are as a person and what matters most to you?...

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    It's the first day of school! What are you most excited for?

Match the quote with the character that said it.

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    "I shall seek this man...I shall see him tremble"

This quiz will test your knowledge of correct MLA work cited entry.

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     Choose the correct bibliographical MLA work cited format for the following information:    Quote from "Al Capone," a short work in a Website, The History Files. The work has no author, and the site is sponsored by the Chicago Historical Society. The date of the Website is 1999 and the work was accessed on October 9, 2002.

The hardest... read the title.

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    Where does it make berth? Have you not heard the stories? Captain Barbossa and his crew of miscreants sail from the dreaded Isla de Muerta . It's an island that cannot be found except by those who already know where it is.

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What is the difference between Granulated Sugar and Castor Sugar?
Granulated sugar and castor sugar are two common types of sugar. Both types of sugar contain sucrose, which is the combination of fructose and glucose. Granulated sugar and castor sugar are similar, in that, you can also get your castor sugar by grin
What is the difference between Cite and Quote?
Cite and quote are two English words that have almost the same meaning. Most times, people use to think the two words are synonymous, and therefore, they can be used interchangeably. The fact is, some people are fond of using the number interchangeab
What counsel does President Benson give to young men and young women respecting their priorities as quoted in Brown's talk? Two for men, two for women.
For the men, he counsels for them to avoid materialism, securing career success prior to marriage, acquiring things, fast-paced living To the women, he counsels to not become to independent and self-reliant that they feel no need for marriage. He cou