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  • What is a Bodega? 
    What is a Bodega? 
    I don’t know where your from but it is not New York because when a person says bodega in New York that means the corner store or deli.

  • What are they offering you if someone offers you a tinny?
    What are they offering you if someone offers you a tinny?
    Im not arguing with yal but i have allway called tinny food... my whole life is a lie lol

  • Is "swag" an outdated term/slang?
    Is "swag" an outdated term/slang?
    Yeah "swag" is pretty much outdated. It was popular from 2008-2013 but like many trends it has a shelf life and it has died (thankfully). A new popular term now is "lit", which will also die in a few years ha..

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