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Related Topics

  • What is the official language of Puerto Rico?
    What is the official language of Puerto Rico?
    The official language is Spanish. We talk a lot of English due to the great influence of the United States.

  • What type of government Puerto Rico does have?
    What type of government Puerto Rico does have?
    Estas bien equivocado,déjame decirte. Nosotros somos una democracia, & nuestro estado es un commonwealth. Buen día. Gracias. Buenas noches.

  • What is the capital of Puerto Rico?
    What is the capital of Puerto Rico?
    San Juan

  • How can I contact my family members in Puerto Rico during a hurricane?
    How can I contact my family members in Puerto Rico during a hurricane?
    Families desperate to communicate with their loved ones in Puerto Rico — thrashed by the most ferocious storm to strike the territory in at least 85 years — have invaded the internet and flooded phone lines searching for ways to get in contact after Hurricane Maria knocked out power and most means of communication to the entire island. If you have family or friends living in Puerto Rico that you’d like to check on, there are a couple of things that you can do. First, you can send an email to [email protected] This account has been set up as part of the island’s disaster relief team.

  • How to volunteer in Puerto Rico?
    How to volunteer in Puerto Rico?
    Once the wave of first responders ensures that the situation in Puerto Rico is stabilized, the need for additional volunteers will increase. The Federal Emergency Management Agency directs aspiring volunteers to register here, and you can also look at a list of opportunities at the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. You may not get the call straight away. Countless others have similar desires to volunteer in Puerto Rico, but it's important to consider that the battered island will need help in the months — if not years — to follow. A simple post on social media or discussion with friends or co-workers can go a long way. Some people are still not aware of the extent of the damage, so any method you can use to spread the word may be able to convince others to help as well.

  • How can you donate to Puerto Rico?
    How can you donate to Puerto Rico?
    A number of established charities from UNICEF to Save the Children are soliciting financial donations to assist in the relief effort. In the early stages of disaster relief, it's better to donate cash rather than supplies as organizations on the ground can route money exactly where it's needed. Material donations like food, clothing and supplies tend to require transportation, which is expensive and currently presents logistical challenges with many roads destroyed or flooded. When donating funds, it's best to go directly to the charity's website and set up a payment from there. Some organizations may have plans to focus on different aspects of relief, so do a little research to determine exactly where your money is going.

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