Puerto Rico Quizzes & Trivia

Puerto Rico will probably become very soon the 51st state of America. But in the mean time they are still a dependent unincorporated territory with a rich history. So join us on this trip to Puerto Rico as we try and get to know this part of the world a little better.

Would you like to answer a few of the questions we have about it as well? Try out these samples first. Approximately how many years has Puerto Rico been a Spanish colony? When was Puerto Rico ceded by Spain to the United States?

What is the total estimated number of Puerto Ricans living in the United States? These might be too easy for you, we understand. In that case go for the entire Puerto Rico quizzes.

Esta es una prueba

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    Puerto Rico es

Culture of Puerto Rico and culture of EL Dia de los Muertos.  

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    Puerto Rico is located in__________. 

Este quiz tiene el proposito de reforzar lo aprendido sobre los manglares en Puerto Rico. Las preguntas son sobre conceptos basicos relacionados al tema.

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    El número de especies de mangles que existen en Puerto Rico es 4.

This is a quiz all about Puerto Rico.

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    What is the flower of Puerto Rico?

How well do you know your history facts on Puerto Rico?

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    These indians were the first to inhabit the beautiful island..

Puerto Rico Questions & Answers

What is the official language of Puerto Rico?
The official language is Spanish. We talk a lot of English due to the great influence of the United States.
What type of government Puerto Rico does have?
Estas bien equivocado,déjame decirte. Nosotros somos una democracia, & nuestro estado es un commonwealth. Buen día. Gracias. Buenas noches.
What do you know about Puerto Rico?
A lot of people have heard about Puerto Rico, and most people are curious to visit. This is a Caribbean Island which means that there are so many things that people can do whenever they visit this place. People like it because of its rich history. Ev
What exactly Puerto Rico is?
The location of Puerto Rico is in between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. This is a part of North America. This is also located on the eastern side of the Dominican Republic. This is also at the western side of the Virgin Islands. A l