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Are you looking for a mathematical way to impress your friends or attract your enemies? Our probability online quizzes are a good place to start. The challenging quizzes are designed to test and push your mental limits.
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Probability is a measure of the likelihood that an event will occur. The higher the probability of an event, the more likely it is to occur, i.e. tossing a coin gives a 50% chance of getting heads or tails.

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    If you rolled a 6-sided dice, what is the probability of rolling a 3?

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    In a business class, 25% of the students have never taken a statistics class, 35% have taken only one semester of a statistics class, and the rest have taken two or more semesters of statistics.  The professor randomly assigns students to groups of three to work on a project for the course. What is the probability that the first groupmate you meet has studied at least 1 semester of statistics?   

Probability in mathematics explores the concept, which requires broader thinking out of the box. Gauge your knowledge on probability and how far you can stretch your thoughts through the quiz below and learn more. Enjoy.

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    A die is thrown 200 times and the following outcomes are noted, with their frequencies: What is the empirical probability of getting a 1 in the above case?

Students will find the probability of mutually exclusive events. MM1D2 a

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    From a standard deck of cards, find the probability of picking a queen or an even number.

Take this interesting and tricky quiz on probability and test your knowledge about this!

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    If probability of success is 0.5 % then what will be the probability of failure?

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Probability Questions & Answers

What would be the experimental probabililty of the coin landing on heads if it is ossed 50 times, and it lands on heads 28 times?
The correct answer is 14/25. The proportion of heads in this experiment will be equal to the total number of favorable events (i.e. heads) divided by the total number of events (i.e. heads+tails). By this formula, we shall get : 28/ (28 + 22) = 28/5
What is the probability of picking a green marble, then a green marble if you do not put back the first marble?
The correct answer is 3/95. The probability of picking a green ball marble at first is 4/20 (total number of green marbles/ total number of marbles present). Since the first green marble is not returned, the probability of picking another green marbl
What is the probability of picking a green marble, then a blue marble if you do not put back the first marble in a jar full of 6 red, 4graan, 5 blue, 5 yellow marbles?...
1/19Find the probability of picking green (4/20), then find the probability of picking blue (5/19). Remember there is one less marble in the jar. Finally multiply the probabilities and reduce to get 1/19
What is the probability that on a math test 5 out of 30 students got an A all three got an A on the test if three students are chosen at random without replacement?
The correct answer is option 1/406. To find the probability of 3 students got an A on a test, multiple the probabilities of the 3 students. Probability of the first student = 5/30 = 1/6 Probability of the second student = 4/29 Probability of the thi
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