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    An expected outcome of cast application that the nurse evaluates is:

For physical therapy students. includes part of examination, fractures, OA, and spinal surgeries.

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    A stress fracture is an example of a macroscopic injury because it is caused by repetitive strain.

Orthopedic surgery is a branch of surgery that deals with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Understanding the instruments of this very delicate surgery procedure is among the basic steps of becoming a good...

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    What is this?

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    Distal articular surface of radius.

Choose the orthopedic assessment test that would most likely be used for the condition described, or choose which condition the indicated assessment tests for. 

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    You would like to assess the strength of your client's hip abductors, specifically his/her gluteus medius.

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Orthopedic Questions & Answers

What is the most appropriate next step in the treatment of a 16-year-old male presents with a firm, moderately tender mass in the lateral distal right upper arm and he was hit in the same area...
Avoidance of activity until resolution of pain-the patient in this vignette has myositis ossificans of the brachialis muscle. following blunt trauma, a hematoma develops that gradually becomes increasingly bony as tenderness subsides. calcification t
What are the correct statements in regard to the etiology and associated signs and symptoms in this patient?
This condition is most common during or recently after a rapid growth spurt-this patient has osgood-schlatter disease, which results from an avulsion of a portion of the ossification center causing a traction apophysitis of the tibial tubercle. it oc
What are the symptoms and causes of osteoid osteoma?
Osteoid osteoma-this is a small, benign tumor that is very painful, especially at night. the pain is typically relieved only by aspirin. radiographs are distinctive as described. osteochondromas arise from the metaphysis of long bones and present as
Which laboratory result is most likely to be identified upon further evaluation of this patient?
1. low levels of free thyroxin (t4) associated with elevated levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (tsh)-this patient has x-ray evidence of a slipped capital femoral epiphysis (scfe). this disorder is most common during the time of growth spurts in