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A dribble may be started by pushing, throwing or batting the ball to the floor before or after the pivot foot is lifted.
Section 14 Art 2 says The dribble may be started by pushing, throwing, tapping or batting the ball to the playing court.
What is the correct way to handle this situation?
In basketball, there are certain rules that must be followed. At every time during the game, one team maintains control of the ball. However, that can always change. If an opposing player steals the ball away, then the opposing player now has maintai
Opponents of the free thrower may never occupy the second marked lane spaces.
Its a violation because the spaces are to be marked by the opposite teams
It is a violation if from As frontcourt A1 passes to A2, who jumped from As backcourt, catches the ball while in the air and lands in As frontcourt.
This is incorrect. As long as the player has established possession in the front court as opposed to the backcourt, no violation has occurred.