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There are approximately 196 countries in the world today (depending on who you ask), or 267 world entities as defined by the CIA’s World Factbook. But the idea of what a nation is goes beyond borders and maps, as a nation can be any large group of people who share a common language, ethnicity or culture.

If you know your facts about nations, test your knowledge with our quizzes! Can you name the only monarchy located in the Pacific (Oceania?) The term “First Nations” is used in what country to refer to indigenous peoples? How many languages does the national anthem of South Africa include?Ceylon, French Somaliland and Dahomey are former names of what countries?

What is the only country made up solely of islands? The United
Kingdom’s flag is a combination of three other flags named after saints, what are they? In South America, four countries use a language other than Spanish as their primary language ­ what are
they? Brush up your knowledge of the world’s nations today with our quizzes!

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