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  • What is the formula for Aluminum Chlorate?
    What is the formula for Aluminum Chlorate?
    Aluminum Chlorate is an element that does not have any color to it. It can be easily dissolved in water. Many people use aluminum chlorate in cleaning products. The formula for aluminum chlorate is Al(ClO3)3. The molar mass is 277.3351. When aluminum chlorate is heated, it becomes aluminum chloride and oxygen gas. Aluminum is an element which is symbolized as Al and its atomic number if 13. Aluminum is silver in color and does not attract magnets. Chloride is symbolized as Cl-. Usually the chloride compounds are soluble so they can dissolve in water. However, when both of these come together to form aluminum chlorate, it is not soluble and does not dissolve in water. The most common item made from chloride is sodium chloride which is salt.

  • What is Fe2S3?
    What is Fe2S3?
    Fe2S3 is also known as ferric sulfide or sesquisulfide. It is the third iron sulfides besides FeS and FeS2. It is a solid black fine powder but decays into yellow-green powder at ambient temperature. Fe2S3 is an ionic compound that has two other components in it which are attached to each other. One has a positive Charge while the other has a Negative Charge because they give and take electrons to make their outer shelly fully stable. If electron is given out, then it will have a Positive Charge and if electron is taken in, it will have a Negative Charge.

  • What is the name for CuCl?
    What is the name for CuCl?
    Some people have never heard of CuCl but now is the time that they will learn more about this. The answer to the question is C. CuCl or Copper (I) Chloride is also known as Coprous Chloride. This may seem like it is in liquid form, but it is not. It comes in the form of white powder. Try to mix it in with water, and it is only mildly soluble. Most of the powder will stay on the top portion of the water. This is very soluble when you mix it with highly concentrated hydrochloric acid. Take note that some impure samples of this may be light brown but can turn a green color.

  • What is the formula for Aluminum Chlorate?
    What is the formula for Aluminum Chlorate?
    The correct answer is option C The correct formula for Aluminium Chlorate is Al (ClO3)3. To name chemical structures, the IUPAC nomenclature is the systemic method of naming chemical compounds as it is recommended by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Al (ClO3)3 has a structure that consist of one positively charged aluminium ion that is surrounded by 3 negatively charged chlorate ions. Each chlorate atom consists of one chlorine atom covalently bonded by 3 oxygen atoms. It chemical formula can sometimes be written as AlCl3O9. Hope this helps.

  • What is the formula for Zinc Hydroxide?
    What is the formula for Zinc Hydroxide?
    Shouldn't answer be B, as zinc is a transition metal, and hydroxide, being a polyatomic ion as a fixed charge of -1, therefore zinc to be equivalent must have a charge of 1.

  • What is the name of this carbon compound C2H4?
    What is the name of this carbon compound C2H4?
    Dicarbon tetrahydride

  • What is the name for MgSO3?
    What is the name for MgSO3?
    Magnesium Sulfite

  • What is the formula for Copper(I) Oxide?
    What is the formula for Copper(I) Oxide?

  • What is the name for CuO?
    What is the name for CuO?
    Copper (II) Oxide

  • What is the formula for Iron (II) Nitride?
    What is the formula for Iron (II) Nitride?

  • What is the formula for Zinc Hydroxide?
    What is the formula for Zinc Hydroxide?

  • K4SiO5
    Potassium persilicate

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