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There's not much better than having a ticket for a great drama acted out by some of the biggest stars in the world, and that's exactly what London theatre provides. Broadway has its attractions but it's surpassed by London's West End and theatreland. One reason for this is that London is where it all began - it's a bustling, beautiful city that's been staging plays since the 16th century, and is also renowned for its high quality musicals. If you love nothing more than watching a show in England's capital city, then you're sure to enjoy our London theatre quizzes.

Which London theatre is a faithful reconstruction of a theatre that William Shakespeare used? The statue of which legendary actor stands outside the National Theatre? Who wrote London's longest running play The Mousetrap? Good luck, or as they say in the theatre, break a leg!

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  • Do you ever ride in the rain?

  • How often do you wear normal clothes (ie shorts, trackies, flip flops, joggers, t-shirt or business clothes) on your bike without any motorcycle gear apart from a helmet (and maybe gloves)?

  • Select one of the below that corresponds with how you think about riding:

  • Most motorcycle accidents occur at speeds below 30 mph; that means that motorcycle riders should:
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  • The safest type of eye protection is:
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  • In order for a motorcycle to be street legal, it must have:
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  • If your throttle cable becomes stuck, first twist the throttle back and forth several times. If it remains stuck,

  • When your front wheel and handlebars wobble, it most likely because of...

  • SIPDE stands for

  • What is a clutch?
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  • What brake provides over 75% of your stopping power?
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  • How is the 2009 Honda Rebel propelled?
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