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Is it in May or June? The third, fourth or first Sunday of the month? All children everywhere go crazy with worry...worried that they'll forget it and their mother will be sad. Do you value your mother? Do you know what she does for you on a daily basis? Then show her, take these quizzes, let her know you know, you care and you want to help.

With questions like "Which task do mothers hate doing most?", "What is the most popular date for mother's day across the globe?", "How many people celebrate this holiday annually?" and "Which gifts are most commonly given for this holiday?", you'll find inspiration, knowledge and perhaps, a few hints on how to help your mom before it happens eh? The choice is yours!
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Mothers are the caregivers that almost every kid needs and if not, they will definitely get a mother figure, someone, they look up to and listen to. With mother’s day just around the corner, it is important to give her a...

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    What is your mom's favorite pastime?

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    What kind of story did she read to you before bed?

Take our on-line quiz and find out how much you know about moms and their special day!

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    Who created the modern Mother's Day holiday?

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    For simplicity's sake, we'll use the word "mother" in the following questions, however mother's can come in all different forms (aunt's grandmother's, daughter's, sisters), choose the answer that best describes your loved one! In the kitchen, your mother is usually:

Take this quiz to see what you should get your mum this mothers day

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    Does your mum like going shopping?


Mothers Day Questions & Answers

Who is the author of this quote? " All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That is his."?
This was written by Oscar Wilde. It comes from his play, “The Importance of Being Earnest,” which is a satire and is absolutely hilarious. Algernon says this particular quote, and it comes as they are talking about Gwendolen after her mo
What is the dark history of Mother's day?
The dark history of Mother’s day isn’t as “dark” as some of the other holiday histories that are available. The idea was first coined by Julia Ward Howe and Ann Reeves Jarvis, but celebrations of mothers can be traced back as
Why do people celebrate Mother's day?
People celebrate Mother’s Day for a variety of reasons. However, one reason it exists is because the card, candy, and other companies caught whiff of the idea, thought it was good, and pushed it on us. Other people celebrate it to give their mo
Why is Mother's day celebrated on second Sunday of May?
The history behind the date of Mother’s day in the USA is pretty simple. It’s on the second Sunday of May because President Woodrow Wilson decided to make it an official national holiday. This was decided in 1914, and it stuck. No one has
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