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  • What are some of the best father's day gift ideas for 2019?
    What are some of the best father's day gift ideas for 2019?
    Sometimes, it is difficult to find your father a Father’s Day gift. Men are usually difficult to buy for because they are so bad at communication. You certainly don’t want to buy him the same thing as last year or his last birthday. You also want to get him something that he will use or enjoy. It all depends on what your father likes to do.   If he likes comics, he may want a toolset that is called the Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set. He may like to do things outside in the hot sun. You could get him some Ray-Ban Sunglasses. If he likes to work out, you could get him the Tangram Smart Rope. If he likes to cook, there is a set to make your own hot sauce.

  • What is Father's day and when is it celebrated?
    What is Father's day and when is it celebrated?
    Father’s Day is a holiday that the United States remembers and celebrates. We usually buy our father a present and go and visit if they live close by. It is celebrated in June. However, it does not always occur on the same date every year. It is determined by being the third Sunday of June. It is always on a Sunday. It began when people began to celebrate Mother’s Day. Then people wanted to honor their fathers too. So, Father’s Day became a holiday. However, in the United States it is not a public holiday which means that people usually don’t get off of work to celebrate it. Although, many jobs don’t work on Sunday anyway. However, people and businesses make lots of money on Father’s Day.

  • What are you grateful for this father's day?
    What are you grateful for this father's day?
    I am grateful to my father. I celebrated this Father’s Day by sending him a pan of brownies because that has become our tradition. He loves brownies with walnuts in them. Since I live out of town, I mail him his package of brownies and a Father’s Day card. I also send my stepmother something in the package, so that she has something to open too even though it is Father’s Day. Some people don’t have fathers because they died when the children were young. The holiday must be painful for them and I feel sorry for them and hope that they don’t feel bad. However, it makes me more grateful to have my father in my life. We usually bowl too since he likes that if I am in town on Father’s Day.

  • What is the history behind father's day?
    What is the history behind father's day?
    The history of Father’s Day is about honoring and remembering your father. So, where did Father’s Day begin. Even though the modern version of Father’s Day where it falls on the third Sunday in June takes place more recently. However, fathers were recognized many centuries ago. The Catholic Church set aside a day that honors fathers. It wasn’t until the 20th century before people in the United States began to think about a day for honoring their fathers. This came after Anna Jarvis made it official that Mother’s Day should be a holiday to honor our mothers. After a little while, fathers needed to be honored. Therefore, in 1908, the day was set to honor fathers. In 1910, the first Father’s Day took place.

  • Why do only few people celebrate father's day?
    Why do only few people celebrate father's day?
    Father's Day is a national event or is at least advertised as one. But, the sad fact is, many people have fathers who weren't active parts of their lives. Statistics prove as much, especially in the United States where the special day originated.   It is said that a group of church women took mother's day cards into prison and so many wanted them to send to their mother, they ran out. So, they stocked up for father's day and went back. Only a few wanted them. That tells you that those who don't have active fathers in their lives can easily have problems that land them in trouble, like a prison. That is why father's day isn't celebrated by many - many have fathers they don't feel deserve a card.

  • What is your best memory with your father?
    What is your best memory with your father?
    My best memory with my father is going water skiing. He taught me how to ski when I was just five. My older brother and sister helped. At first I didn't let go of the rope when I fell so I was being pulled underwater and could have drowned. But, I eventually caught on and let go. My dad always drove the boat and always made sure we had a boat so we could ski behind it. That is the memory of my father that sticks out most in my mind.

  • What's the best way to honour a father on father's day?
    What's the best way to honour a father on father's day?
    The best way to honor your father on Father’s Day would be to remember him. You don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive present to honor your dad. The best thing is to go and spend time with him. Find something that he likes to do. Then go and do that with him. Invite your siblings with you so that your dad can have the best Father’s Day. You can always buy or make a card for your father too. This way he can keep the card and remind him of his special day. Sometimes, fathers who are still working may be out of town or busy, but you can still do something to honor your father. You can always mail him something.

  • Can you tell some of the best father's day quotes?
    Can you tell some of the best father's day quotes?
    Father’s Day quotes are often common if you make your own Father’s Day card for your father to celebrate his special day. However, many cards already come with Father’s Day Quotes in them. Some of the best quotes include “It is a wise father that knows his own child.” This means that the children know that the father is close with them and knows a lot about them. Another good quote would be “Sometimes, the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.” This means that even though a man does not have a lot of money, he can still leave his children with something much greater than money and that is to be a great human being because the father taught them.

  • Who said it? My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, Youre tearing up the grass. Were not raising grass, Dad would reply. Were raising boys.
    Who said it? My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, Youre tearing up the grass. Were not raising grass, Dad would reply. Were raising boys.
    Harmon KillebrewBorn in 1936 in Payette, Idaho, Killebrew played Major League Baseball from 1954 to 1975.

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